Liberation Family Ministries

What is Liberation Family Ministries?

Liberation Family Ministries (LFM) is an organization founded by Dr. Debra to offer a host of uplifting and healing services, i.e.,  various workshops/trainings, individual and group therapeutic services, transformative relationship courses, inclusive leadership training, conference keynotes, marital workshops. The delivery format is a combination of in-person and the web-based.

Our Flagship offering is The Believers’ Transformative Relationship Training: The ultimate “how to” guide for walking the talk.

Our Mission:

“Changing the world of Christendom one Believer at a time.” starting with me!

Introducing The Believers’ Transformative Relationship Training

Let’s Dance

Fear is fierce but it  must be faced

The Scoop:

Interested in learning “How-to” Love?

Contact me: 800 361 9068

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