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Welcome to Therapy for a Lifetime

Hello Family, Great decision here! Thank you for trusting me to be there for you and your loved ones for years to come. I’m sure you’ve done your homework–read the contract thoroughly, read my bio and the testimonials, and check out the website, etc. So you know how important relationships are to me. I am a therapist and seasoned relational professor, so expect that (between you and me) we will make huge differences in your family relationships. I also have a larger mission to be a change agent in the faith community, which is the primary reason I decided to limit my practice to a few families. So think of me the way you think of your primary care doctor–this is a long-term relationship.

I am only inviting former clients to join me in this endeavor, however, if you have a friend or relative that you know could benefit from a long-term therapeutic relationship, please share this. Finally, If you are thinking that this commitment is one that will benefit you and your family, please act immediately as I will not be taking on any clients outside of the ones that sign up for the lifetime of therapy by the end of February. You, your family perhaps a few friends of yours will be it.

Oh yes, my other reason for doing this is that I love the work, it’s one of my gifts, and its a way to stay connected to families that are serious about their mental and spiritual health. It’s a rewarding practice that I truly enjoy. Looking forward to continuing our work together.

Here’s the Commitment Contract:

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