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This little book is my way of bringing our attention to the pervasive and erroneous idea that “self-esteem” can make or break your life… Oh, and be prepared to do just a bit of thinking. $5.97


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Marriage, like any other relational enterprise, requires thoughtful consideration. If you’ve ever lived with a married couple (who were living truthfully) then you know that marriage requires work, and lots of it. The Business of Marriage is your way to get ahead of the work instead of trying to catch up after you’ve begun. Here’s a key to planning (and creating) a more perfect relationship. $149.97 


The cover says it all. Without leaving home, you get your questions answered about
seeking professional help. For the rock-bottom investment of $5.00


Slow to Speak: The Secret to Wholehearted Communication in Intimate Relationships

Slow to  Speak offers short and to-the-point ways to better communicate with those you love. Strong medicine but good for you, of course. The book is a very personal approach to building intimacy through effective conversation $6.95.

SLOW_2_SPEAK cover


Amazing Relationships:
How to create the love and intimacy you
want starting right now. This concise
book will put you on the road to self-empowerment
in your relationships. Never underestimate the power of the
“amazing” you can create.  $5.95


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