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Dr. Debra‘s The How-to-Love Transformational Relationship Mindset Series

  • This was such a dynamic class. The How to Love concepts allowed me to think much deeper than I ever have, and learned much more about myself than I ever have in my entire life.  Callie Louis
  • The course on How to Love is exceptional!  I was searching for ways to continue to heal and grow through painful experiences and difficult relationships. Michelle Venters
  • This course was pivotal in my self-growth and discovery, and I can now apply scriptural concepts to real life scenarios. Shauna P. Peterson
  • … her wisdom and kind heart was the icing on the cake during this difficult journey. Thanks Dr. Debra!!  Sam Withers
  • I really enjoyed the course, the content itself was very powerful. It made me really look at how I was understanding love, and made me think about how to respond differently to those I love. Thank you Dr. Deb! Beth Waban
  • … I was preparing to invite my warm faith partners to the H2L experience but something inside had me apprehensive then I remembered your words of wisdom and changed my course. I am eternally grateful. William Eaton
  •  This course was the answer to my prayer! Dr. Deb gave me the space and tools to do that and more. Joseph Powers
  • Your engagement was phenomenal! Extraordinary! Your comments (live and written) were extremely affirming and encouraging. Christine Mosely

… Dr. Debra’s Therapeutic Practice

I was a black single male when I went.

My experience was rewarding as I was able to see from my counseling sessions that I am able to have a happy healthy relationship with women. It gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to actually try in relationships and not feel so hopelessly lost never-ending cycle of destructive relationships. I learned that people who are in great relationships have the same issues as everyone else, just different perspectives on how to deal with them. I’m glad I went, it was very enlightening and needed.–JOE


For the past few years, my wife and I have been dealing with a lot due to an ugly and ongoing custody battle with my son’s mother. My lawyer at the time suggested that we see a therapist particularly my son to try and help him and me [sic] cope with and get a better understanding of the emotional impact this whole ordeal would cause, so we were referred to Dr. Nixon. After just a few sessions my wife and I were able to deal with the mental stress of the ordeal and were provided with a clear understanding of what was really important. … Long story short, Dr. Nixon equipped us with the knowledge to identify issues, and deal with them the healthiest and most positive way possible. She’s easy to talk to, very professional, and very personable. All in all she’s a beautiful soul that’s dedicated her life to helping people live the healthiest lives that they can possibly live. If you want real clarity on real life issues, I recommend everyone to Dr. Debra Nixon; she’s the real deal.–AL


Dr. Harris’s commitment, passion, and work to empower individuals and communities is making a positive impact and enriching lives.–TB


… Her Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives

Debra Nixon brings a voice of passion…. to the issues of diversity. Through her lens of curiosity and inclusion, she brings into focus a world in which inclusion is not always the case, and asks us to examine why this is still possible.Shelley Green, Ph.D., LMFT, Professor of Family Therapy and Family Business, Nova Southeastern University

Dr. Debra Nixon is a respected colleague….Her book chapter in Voices of Color combined the rigor and imagination of writing,, meaning the writing was correct yet full of rich description and personality. She brings her voice into her writing, and that makes it even more interesting to read. Patricia M. Cole, Professor of Family Therapy Business, Nova Southeastern University

I have seen Debra show creativity, talent, skill and courage as a teacher, innovator, and therapist. She consistently is inclusive of all views while patiently and steadily inviting all to expand their understandings and beliefs. Dr. Jim Hibel, LMFT

Your grace and charm and enthusiasm is so compelling. I am happy and honored to know you and my growth has been inspired by having the experience of learning and sharing with you.” Older Jewish American Woman

I want to volunteer for any activities or panels on diversity in the future. I’m not sure how many white men from the deep south are on your panels, but maybe I can provide a glimpse of what it was like growing up in that environment.Young Adult, White Gay, Male (“Deep South” US.)

Your lectures captivate my attention and I learned so much from them. Thank you for the on-going teaching. You are a great professor.—Middle Aged, Haitian Woman

Debra is a gifted and insightful spiritual speaker . . . provides pearls of wisdom when she speaks that have made major positive differences in the lives of many. —Joycelyn Caesar, President, Robert Works–a Non-profit Management Consultant Firm

Dr. Debra has distinguished herself as a superb educator, counselor, lecturer, author, and administrator, …  Debra is genuine- never wearing a mask.  She is intellectual- always seeking the truth.  She is elegant- a woman of grace whose very being changes the heartbeat of a room when she enters. —Karen Medlock, Author “I’d Do Me If I Knew Who I Was”

 Dr. Debra’s Killer-Exam Prep Course 

Hey Guys,

So far, EVERY FIRST-TIME EXAMINEE  that has taken my prep exam has passed their respective licensure exams ON THE FIRST TRY!.

“Dr. Nixon’s prep course was a great reminder to focus on process just as much as content. What a great lesson to begin practicing what we preach. Her reminder to focus on the positive was the “difference that made the difference” for me! Taking her suggestion, I posted “I will pass the licensure exam!” in my office and repeated it every night before studying (not to mention right before taking the exam). This proved to be a very meaningful affirmation!”

Shatavia Alexander Thomas, DMFT, NCC, LMFT

“I took Dr. Nixon?s  prep course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is preparing to take any licensing exam.  Her instruction gave me the confidence that I needed to achieve my desired results. Also, through her instruction, I learned invaluable techniques, tips, and strategies that guided how to study for the exam. I am proud to announce that I passed the exam this past February (2010), ON MY FIRST TRY!!” Many thanks to Dr. Nixon, she is truly an inspiration.

Tequilla L. Hill, Ph.D., LMFT

“Just found out I passed!! I’m so happy!!”

“I remember when my results came in the mail.  At first, I hesitated to open the envelope then I realize that I knew that I had passed the exam,  so I smiled and opened the envelope up to what I already knew– I had passed the exam about 6 weeks ago!”–DH

“Dr. Nixon gave me some great tips and provided me with her personal study guide and ideas as to how to tackle the exam… Dr. Nixon made me aware of the importance in how to mentally approach this exam. … At the time my confidence was not so high …I had no high hopes and went through phases feeling intimidated by the large amount of material.. Suddenly I felt like I was back in the game … At the end when I was feeling good… Preparing with Dr. Nixon’s strategies and tactics …was as important as knowing the material. Debra, is there a reason…”   Olivia

“I would like to personally thank you again. Your presentation was very powerful, interactive, spiritual, and uplifting to our attendees. The music therapy brought something dynamic to our audience and that’s the buzzword for today!!!!!! You Rock”…Dorothea Howard
President and CEO, McGuire Global Recruitment


“I have been using my affirmations and smiling along the way. I took my practice exam today and passed! So, it is in there J? Thanks so much! I will be passing my exam on June 4th!’


“I feel confident that I am going to pass; I even know my score. I’m going to pass with a 90! The Seminar with Dr. Nixon was very helpful for anything you want to accomplish. The preparation book doesn’t look as big anymore. Thank you, Dr. Nixon, for providing this very important seminar.”–PG

“I learned a great deal on what to expect from the exam and what to expect from myself; I am completely confident that I will pass the exam in October because of all the tools and preparation that this seminar gave me.’–SL

Prospective Interns

You could be one of these very happy professionals who needed just a bit more confidence in preparing for and taking a licensure exam–any kind.  If you have an exam to pass within the next few months then now is the time to contact Dr. Debra. Then you’ll be boasting about passing your test! Contact me now!  Email: [email protected] Subject Line: “Passing My Exam” Phone: 800.361.9068



Dr. Debra’s Children’s Church Curriculum

Raising Good Stewards:

The following comments come not from ministers or youth leaders about the value of my children’s church school curriculum but from former students. Yes, the voices below are from my children church students. Of course, now they are adults with children of their own. My thinking is that hearing the compelling testimony of those 7-11 year-olds that experienced the curriculum nearly 40-years ago would provide the strongest, most compelling reason to invest in RGS.

C Daniels:

As a child it is hard at times to be at church all day. That was my life Sunday School, Choir, Jr Usher Board, Choir and Children’s Church. For the most part I enjoyed church. But I would get excited once the Children sang because I knew what was next. We would exit and go to Children’s Church.

My teacher was Sis. Nixon. She had such a unique way of teaching us our Bible lesson. She would have great activities and group work to go along with each lesson that made me want to learn more about the Bible. The thing that really stood out and has been with me all these years; and I am 38 now is the way she incorporated a song with the lessons. One song that I remember the lyrics to and it had some hand movements with it. It went like this I’ve got a river of life flowing within me; It makes the lame to walk and the blind to see It opens prison doors, sets the captives free . I’ve got a river of life flowing within me. Spring up, O well, Splish Splash and so on. Sis Nixon made learning the Bible fun and knew how to answer any question you had without making you feel like it was a stupid question or something you should have already known.

L Smith:

The experience you provided to me…the knowledge and insight I gained at such a young age…your leadership is, coincidentally, what I look for in all teachers. Not only while I was attending college but even for my own children. It was not just the curriculum learned while under your tutelage, but the command to draw attention that you possessed that encourages me to seek that same guidance for my own little ones.

Capture the attention of a child and you impact a life with memorable lessons!

I don’t remember much about the past nowadays (hitting 40)… BUT I DO remember Children’s Church with you. I remember how I NEVER wanted to leave your room…even when church was over. That’s how I know the impact and guidance you provided was a foundation. “You always remember where your first house was built!” My granny use to always ask…[“]what did Sister Nixon teach you today…lol…and I would tell her every last bit of it! I only wish that there were more of you out there. Both my hubby and I are very protective parents of our little ones and the influence of the instructors placed to guide them is a big part of that. He compares them to his dad and I compare them to my grandmother, my mom, and you.

C Jones:

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” -William Arthur Ward

There are so many wonderful and positive things that I can say about Sister Nixon’s Children’s church class. She inspired me because she was beyond great. I truly believe teaching is a spiritual gift. Many are called but few are chosen. Debra Harris Nixon accepted the charge and gave her all Sunday after Sunday.  Before she was a wife to Michael and the mother to Jon and Micha there was us. We were her babies.  It was 1986 when I joined her class. Bright-eyed, bushy hair, and ready to learn about Christ. I was so enamored with her as a child. I looked forward to attending her class each Sunday morning. Her infectious spirit, passion for God, and the ability to simplify complex Bible stories and its language sets her above the rest. She instilled in us the love of Christ through engaging activities, stories, and song. Her curriculum was memorable and effective. As children, we learned to worship in spirit and truth. Hallelujah was the highest praise and we needed to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.  [“and He will lift you up, higher and higher; and He will lift you up”]

She embodied the love of Christ weekly by preparing effective lessons that transcended into our adulthood. My favorite lesson was the ABCs of Salvation. When she told me “Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ,” I believed her and accepted Christ into my heart. I was sad when I graduated to the “big people church” or the large sanctuary because it wasn’t enlightening or nurturing as her class. Matthew 19:14 tells us, “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” She did her job well. She wanted us to inherit the kingdom of God. We didn’t suffer under her leadership. We soared and accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior. She created lifelong learners and soldiers for Christ.

AS YOU CAN see from the above comments, the lessons that the children learned (and the songs) has sustained them into adulthood.

You will also notice that the students connected what they learned to how I taught the class, i. e.,  how I treated them–the relationship that we forged.

Your investment in RGS includes a full day’s workshop for teachers. As you can see teaching children is a package deal: it’s who’s teaching, what is taught, and how it’s communicated that makes learning last.

I am not only a teacher by training, I am a teacher by calling; I am also a mentor and trainer of teachers. So, investing in RGS includes training with me.

Interested in having your children learn a lifetime of spiritual lessons that extend beyond naming the books of the Bible and the names of the disciples?

Contact me at [email protected]

Phone: 800.361.9068

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