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“To teach is to touch a life forever” – anonymous

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How about the NEXT TIME?

My first passion, and gift, is teaching; I am always looking for ways to teach others what I know. My teaching, then, goes beyond my classroom. I teach in a variety of workshops: I do relationship therapy, I mentor my students (adults) and my children’s friends (teens). So I am always teaching someone something.

Then I wonder is the act of teaching really my gift. Perhaps my gift is human engagement. Maybe I just want to be in relationship with other humans in meaningful ways so that the product of that engagement is somebody learns something new and then does something new that signals that life for them is now better. Often, I learn from others as I am “teaching” them. That’s it! I don’t teach, I inspire learning. I help create, or better, I stir-up the potential for learning within others. In other words, all I do is smile, ask meaningful questions, tell a few jokes, and expect that whatever is inside students will poke them so that they let it out. That’s it,  I’m a gifted inciter.

Multicultural & Diversity

Diversity is more than cultural and ethnicity. Diversity is simply difference. What I do is use the liberation (my therapeutic philosophy) approach for helping individuals and groups negotiate difference in ways that respects difference, invites acceptance, and creates community

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Write Better Papers

I am a certified academic writing instructor and coach with over 600 hours of teaching on the topic. Writing well is all about the basics. Attendees will learn to:

  • Write clear, concise sentences
  • Properly punctuate a sentence
  • Use precision in word choice
  • Construct well-structured sentences, paragraphs, and papers
  • Use various kinds of punctuation
  • Write eloquent literature reviews
  • Construct a functional outline

Now, as simple as that sounds most people cannot do it. And the reason that most can’t do it is because they never learned the basics. The good news is that the older you are the easier it will be to learn how to write well. Why? You’ve been around a while and this method is going to make good comma sense to you.

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