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I  have over 30-years of community service, corporate training/coaching experience.  As a social scientist, researcher, former university psychotherapy professor, and Inclusion and  Diversity expert, I  help organizations and companies navigate through tough leadership, diversity and organizational development challenges. I have appeared on CNBC, FOX, and other local, regional and national media. In 2015, I retired from academia to dedicate myself to helping spiritual and business leaders who are committed to not only making a difference in their respective organizations but our world. As a church leader, if you want to exponentially increase your membership ask about The Believer’s Transformative Curriculum. Business leaders, we live in the most diverse times of our country’s life. I am an  Inclusion and Diversity Coach/Trainer Extraordinaire. Contact me and allow me to help transform your work environment into a true community of cooperation and productivity.

Email: drdebra@howtolove.us  Phone: (800) 361-9068)  You may also use the space below to make an appointment.

Looking forward to our time together.

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