How-2-Love Is…

How-to-love is based on The Way of the greatest master of relationships known to humankind–Jesus of Nazareth.
Love is to hold someone or something in such high regard that you make the necessary sacrafice
radical acceptance–
to stay connected to that person or thing.”
–Debra A. Harris (2019)

debra a. harris, PH.D. lmft

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The poster child example of how-to-love

Notice that I did not say that I was upset with Jada for not being appreciative of Will’s selfish (her word) gesture.  My only explanation has to be that I am her in this case. I can be very selfish in my “not being impressed with stuff” way. I am learning  (at this writing) that this behavior puts a wedge between me and my beloveds. Take my word, I’m working on it and it’s working!  Final note: how-to-love is radical acceptance of others–what they do, how they give, and everything in between.

To love is to radically accept others just as they are: using care, consideration, and compassion.  With this kind of positive regard, the intention is to make the necessary sacrifice to maintain the connection–the relationship.

To love effectively is to regard your relationship as more important than any form of division. Divisions are real but can be better managed if we can see clearly that they are ego-propelled illusions. 

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SistuhTalk: I’ve invited a group of women to encourage and support me in various ways based on their specific gifts. Below is a recorded narrative (in 6 separate audios) of what I shared with them:

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