It Ain’t About You

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  Why are we so quick to take offense when someone, maybe a friend or even a stranger, does something, anything, and we take it personally? We are forever misinterpreting others’  behavior because for some reason we think people are not busy enough with their own “stuff” that they have time and energy to think […]

How are you living?

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My fellow therapists, counselors, and friends with skills: How is it going? Are you getting the help you need? Pastors, who listens to you when you’re troubled? Man, if you are like me–have a heart for those that are hurting–then you need some TLC yourself. Once, while I was in graduate school (MA degree) and […]

Got Therapy?

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I do. I got and I need it. Yes, therapists need atherapist. It ain’t easybeing in this place,position of service.If you’re a therapist,reach out to me; I’m reachingout to you. Now, if you’re supertherapist–got your act togetherdon’t waste your time on me I’m looking for a therapistwho know how hard it isto take care of […]