Until the Shrink Comes

I got a new book–“What to do until the shrink comes” will help you
take care of yourself the way a top notch therapist would. I give you
the inside on what a good therapist does and how to pick one
should you decide you need one. Here’s a sneak peak:

Things I Can do to Nourish My Own Soul:
1. Be honest with yourself and others
2. Do what you know will give you the most joy
3. Admit when you have not been your best self toward others or yourself
4. Take time to rest, meditate
5. Exercise—move around
6. Follow your own heart, mind, thoughts—they are usually right
7. Be clear on what you want in any given area
And then do what you want to do
8. You know more than you think so trust yourself
9. Learn your body signals and follow them
10. Stop and examine what you’re thinking and feeling before you make any decision—and only act if you can clearly say “yes” to the action

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