Diversity the new Inclusion

Diversity refers to difference–any kind of difference. it bring to our attention the obvious and it poses a question. Inclusion, however, offers the answer–what we need to do about difference. We know all too well what is wrong and how we have mismanaged difference. Now, with inclusion, we find ourselves mending our relationships. We, with the wisdom of the past, know that we need to invite others to the table. That’s it, inclusion connotes invitation. So now with a new consciousness of difference, we invite everyone to the decision-making process. We now know that we are truly an ecosystem where what affect one affects us all. Don’t know what took us so long to figure that one out, but I’m glad we did. The other way of dealing with difference was not only costly, but exhausting. Distrust wears on you health. Now, that we are aware of what to do about our differences–be inclusive–we can be about the business of building a cohesive community.
I like the word inclusive because it’s active, it tells you what to do, very simple. It even implies a sentiment
of the value of those once thought as ‘other.” I like this new word. Besides, “diversity” had lost its value.

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