Love Under New Management

Wow, I just got back from an exciting evening
of love making. Yes, I spent about 2 hours
sharing with about 12 other women on how we
may rethink how we manage our love. We talked about
not giving all our love away. Instead, we decided that
we could and would keep some of our love to take are of
ourselves. Everyone agreed that we were not getting what
we really wanted in our relationships and the it was insanity
to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different
result. We talked about our health, our wealth, and our relationships.
We left the group knowing that it was time to love under new management.
We all agreed that we would take action to get what we really wanted in
our relationships and that what we are currently doing ain’t working for us. Oh, it’s
working for our kids–they get everything they need and want from us; our men–
we have sacrificed our selves long enough; and our money–a day late and a dollar
short will no longer do. We’re getting ours and we’re getting it now. Oh yeah, and our bodies
too. We’ve decided that we are going to listen to our bodies and give it the physical exercise and
nutrients that it is begging for. Yes, we are in love, but not under the old
management. It’s a new boss in town!

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