Five Months Deep

Welcome class of 1975; born in 1957. This makes us the class of 1957 and 1975! How ya’ living? Living well I’m sure. It’s May 2007, and almost half of us are 50 now. I know you’ve got some stories, so share them with us. Now, you’d better start talking fast, because when September comes you won’t get a word in through the cracks; I’ll be 50 and it will be on like…yeah.

You know by now that they’re saying that 50 is the new 30? I say, if we play our cards right, we can ride this wave until, say, 75 or 80. Well, that’s my plan anyway. I feel great, I look great, and I’m working on feeling and looking even better. My saying these days is, “Why not!”

Why not have it my way, why not do it my way, why not, why not, why not. You know all the cliches about growing better. But are you living it? You’ve heard it all so there is nothing I can say that will make a difference in what you’re doing. Because, face it, you’re doing exactly what you want to do, if you’re honest.

You’re doing what works for you–safe or not. You’re feeling the way you want to feel–good or bad. You have what you want to have–little or lot. I just hope you’re happy with whatever it is.
because this is it! Now, you have the mic, what say you? Is 50 better than any other time or what?

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