Creating the Community We Want . . .

. . . begins with us. For centuries we have depended upon and looked to someone else like the preacher, the president, or the teacher to change our world. We figured that if things are going to change then someone (with some power) had to lead the movement. Not anymore, we “the people” must lead this movement. We must begin to do something different, if we want to achieve something different–If we want to build a community where all humans are valued, putting an end to the very idea of “race” and the racist ideologies that go with it.

Of course, this means that we’ll have to give up something(s) (if only temporarily) before we will see a real and lasting change. Yes, give up a few privileges–may some things– so that someone else may thrive is what it will take to get us all ahead. I guess you might already be giving up more that you’d care to. But what I’m suggestion is that you give it on purpose or with intention, not because it’s the law. Others, then, will have to learn to accept those privileges, letting go of pride to accept the gift of comfort. This is simplistic and not even the half of what will have to happen before we create the community that we want, but it’s a start. Think of what will have to happen before we can create the harmonic world that we prefer to live in.

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