“Inclusion:” The New Diversity

I like the word diversity, but some people
cant’ get over the idea that it means
Black and White. Whatever. So let’s talk
inclusion. Inclusion is more inclusive, I guess
; at least it sounds that way. You think of
everyone: tall, short, attractive, not so, old,
young, educated, un, skinny, not so. Well
you get my meaning. Now that we’ve upgraded
the word, what will you do to upgrade your
inclusive behavior. The word does not change
me in any significant ways. I still have to
consider how I may be excluding those
who is not like me. The heart of the
matter does not change for me; I will
still do occasional self-checks to make sure
that I am including those who exclude me–
that I am honoring and respecting their
ideas even when I flatly disagree. So,
no matter what its called, I have so much
work to do on myself, so far to go before I
get there. What about you? How’s your

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