It’s Clear… our world needs Jesus

God, by whatever name you call God, is not concerned with most of the stuff we humans fuss about. BUT, if God is concerned about anything it’s how we treat all life forms–other living beings. Jesus, for some of us, is all. For some others, he is nothing/no one. For me, Jesus is the greatest example of what God intended for the rest of us. And, IF he never existed and it’s all a lie–his character (the ideal, the model) still represents what I believe the Divine wanted for our world–to treat each other and other living beings with a transcendent love–radical acceptance. IF Jesus’ life is the greatest story ever told then it’s a story, a life, worth emulating. Ashe. Amen. Word. Truth.

For this reason, I wrote the book: How to Love: Following the example of Jesus of Nazareth, the ultimate postmodern psychotherapist. Love is the message and the practice of his life. Of course, Jesus of Nazareth is not the only prophet of love and peace this world has known, but he is the one I know. In my book How-to-love, I use the narrative (practices) of his life to share my message of how to execute love in a Jesus-like fashion. As a trained psychotherapist and a spiritual follower of Jesus of Nazareth, I know how to love using therapeutic skill, an ability that I learned from the master-teacher, Jesus, but refined while training to be a systemic, relationship expert. For our world is clearly in need of more than love. What is missing is the skill of knowing how to love. My calling, in response to Jesus’ message, is to teach the world how to execute the skill of love, indeed, a most desperate and urgent need.

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