This is still America

Come On Guys,

We know that “change has come to America,” but we also know that change is gradual. So we have to bear with ages of bigotry both within us and our neighbors “just a lil’ while longer.” NO, I’m not saying we should ignore the chimp comic strip, but I am saying that we need to continue to create the world we want by standing up to ourselves. This simply means that each one of us has a job to do when it comes to the ignorance like that exhibited by the NY paper. I know we have to stand against such blatant racism, but after we stage our protest, let’s keep the protest going by contributing to the well-being of our communities. Making our world better , more inclusive will sustain the change we want. I believe our President would want us to find ways to create community. I believe he’s saying “I’m going to be fine. Y’all just need to find ways to re-build our country in the community where you live.” In other words, take that protest energy and serve some worthy cause.

Oh, how about this?

If we want the newspaper to pay for their wrongdoing, then why not demand that they do community service in an under-served school? Now, that is true restitution. Perhaps, the company could purchase new computers, pay for after school snacks, or pay salary for extra teaching assistants. Because we can pressure owners in to making a real apology, but we can’t make them mean it. But if they contribute in some meaningful way to some needy group, they will be doing some good. For an apology would be an empty formality–and we’ve had enough of those to last another hundred years.

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