Why Learn How-to-love?

If you think you already know how to love then why would you even consider that I have something “you don’t already know” to offer? You wouldn’t, right? Another possible reason that you wouldn’t be interested in knowing about how-to-love is you are fine with things the way they are–you are accustomed to the turmoil, and you don’t see the need to change a thing.

So, why, then would I keep pestering you about the value of how-to-love?

Here’s why.

As a psychotherapist–relationship doctor–for over 20-years, I’ve seen my share of clients in distress who thought they knew how to love their spouses, life partners, parents, friends, co-workers, and children, but didn’t. Honestly, if they had known how, they wouldn’t have needed my help. I’ve succeeded in helping many clients heal their relationships, and I’ve also instructed thousands of graduate students on how to radically accept challenging clients. How-to- love focuses on learning radical acceptance.

Now, I’m hopeful that your answer to my question now changes. Why? How? Because if you gave it some thought, you’d realize that like so many others you don’t know how-to-love. How do I know this? Because right this minute one of your many relationships is struggling. The other person could use some help and so could you. Believe me, you need to learn how-to-love, especially if it’s the other person who has the problem, which means you have one too. Agree? Contact me– I got just the thing for you.

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