After Sunday

MLK, Jr. was assassinated over 52 years ago, but I’m guessing that Sunday morning in the US is still the most segregated time of our week. It’s interesting that on some level, we still purport to be a Christian nation, “one nation under God,” right? But, many of us have yet to experience the freedom that the framers of the Constitution lauded. My question then is what have we been doing after centuries of sermons on love. And how is it that the love of God has not transformed our nation since it’s inception? After Sunday, are we expected to treat “others” any differently than before Sunday? Or is what we do on Sunday morning, a show, even a pretense that we comprehend what it means to love sacrificially? Instead, nothing has changed in how we show our love to others. I guess a new question would be “why the pretense since we are free to fear and hate and other; we are free to kill and steal without remorse and accountability. And so we mourn for and long for a country where our world is changed after Sunday. There is a more excellent way–how to love is it.

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