From Vanessa of Detroit

I will be celebrating my 50th on November 2nd! I am so excited!! My daughter, family, and friends are planning the event to be held Saturday, November 4th at the Lathrup Village Community Ballroom in Lathrup Village, MI.

My family, friends from my childhood, church family, and others will be in attendance (as I have provided my list). The invitations were designed with “real” leaves on them, which were so very elegantly done by my daughter, Kristian, and dear friend, Ming! All of the other planning of is very “hush-hush”!

I am having a “Nigerian” seamstress make me a beautiful dress made out of a fabulous lace from Nigeria. I am so excited!

The day before, Friday, November 3rd, I will be surprising a few other “Fabulous 50’s”, six women from my family and childhood buddies all born in 1956, that all grew up together, with an “adventurous journey”! They will meet at my home by 6PM, to be driven via a “limo” to have appetizers at a “Northern Lake Seafood”, then dinner at “Shiraz”, and then dessert at “Coach Insignia”!! These are all very fine, highly reputable restaurants located in the Detroit Area! They are going to be “blown -away” with a “Golden Ladies – Night on the Town”!!!

Michelle of Fort Lauderdale

Ten smart, funny, beautiful women, celebrated my entry into 50 under a full moon at the beach. We toasted our gifts of friendship to each other, celebrated our differences (we are gay, straight, immersed in childrens’ lives, child-free, professional, professional volunteers, working-at-home, single, committed, married, divorced. . . . ) laughed, ate, drank, jumped in the ocean at midnight. It was a lovely way to enter a new decade.

It’s Your Time!

Thanks Lela for your wonderful post; such great words of wisdom from such a young woman. I guess if you live well, you learn a few things. I guess if you don’t live as well, you learn even more about what it takes to live effectively–making every lesson count.

I, too, am excited about turning 50 next year. I have talked to so many women who are celebrating this time of their lives in such wonderful ways. I have invited them to share on the blog. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing from them soon. For example, one of them celebrated every weekend the entire month of her birthday. Another spent a week-end with her friends. My dear friend, Karen is planning a trip to one of the Islands for her celebration.

Let’s make this blog a place for celebration and sharing. So if you are celebrating your 50th in some spectacular way, tell us about it. Or if you have a very special time of reflection planned for yourself, share that with us. Give us some ideas we can use for your own celebrations and personal growth experiences.

Or, if you have some other valuable lesson you want to share with us, do that. We can celebrate the lessons in our lives as well.



I’ve Learned…

A few weeks ago, I launched this blog to invite my
fabyoulous sisters around the country to join me in
the celebration of the half-century. My thinking
was that since I am going to celebrate my life, I may
as well invite about 2.2 million other women my age
to join me. So I did.

Looking at my life, I realize that
I have a lot going on: I have two teenagers;
I’m writing several books; I’ve launched a family
business; I have teaching and administrative
responsibilities at the university; and I have a
spouse who expects me to be a wife sometimes.
I’m juggling lots of balls.

So what about you; how are you managing?
Talk to us. You can tell us how you are working
or how you have worked your life. Or you can
share other things you’ve learned over the years
All are welcome to click and comment.

Our posts for this series will be short.
In one or two sentences, tell us what you’ve
learned. For example, I’ve learned that I can
change my mind, even after the ink dries.

What have you learned?