Want Something Different?

Yup, then you’ve got to do something different. I am the queen–yes the queen– of diversity. I call myself the Do Something Different Diva because it is the name of the movement that I help to launch at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida. We are in the process of creating a more welcoming and inclusive university campus from the grassroots up. Our campus is one of the most diverse environments in South Florida. It is a place of higher learning that has attracted students from all over the globe. We aim to keep ’em coming, so we are doing our part to let everyone know that we want them to not only stay with us until they graduate, but we want them to enjoy our company while they’re with us.

So, “Do Something Different” is about every one taking it upon themselves to do the things that help to make our campus the kind of place that they can feel good about. Yes, we are holding ourselves responsible for creating this very safe, caring community. For example, I speak to everyone that I pass because I value people. I smile at people I don’t know because I believe in the healing power of a smile. Now, what would make this work for me is that everyone that I speak to or smile at would speak and smile at me. But, for it become viral when these same people speak to and smile at someone else–it continues to multiply. Before you know it, we have a different campus environment–we have made the difference that we seek. We will have created a real community. Now, if this is corny it is because we have allowed ourselves to forget that we are truly noble and magnanimous caring, people. Try it, and then let me know how it works. i can’t wait to hear your story.

Peace and do something different

Your DSD Diva!

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